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We are a different type of development shop. As a developer-led company, we are highly focused on software engineering best practices and staying current with the latest tools and gadgets.

We build unique user experiences pushing the limits of creativity and technology for installations, (native) mobile applications, wearables, and the web. We expect all of our developers to really care about user experience, the feel of a site, and the creative process in general.

We come from diverse backgrounds in animation, video production, electronics, data visualization, and event staging. We’re excited for wearables, the internet of things, and whatever the future might bring next.

We offer competitive salaries, benefits, and a beautiful office space in the heart of downtown Salem, MA.

We work hard, play hard, laugh hard, and live well.

If this sounds like you, introduce yourself.

Particle Attractor

This example demonstrates Kinect puppeteering using particle attraction. We use the Kinect sensor to get the user’s current body position and use that data to animate an invisible model on screen.

Behind the model, a particle field is set to attract towards its position as it animates. When the particles reach the model they stick in place. Now our invisible model becomes visible.

As an added effect when the users walks near the edges, the particles change color and start to die.